Genius Loci is a Latin term that is often used by architects to describe the permeating spirit of a place. It is not a measurable characteristic, but rather a subjective one that opens up a world of possibilities for individual interpretation. The social landscapes that form this series of photographs are the result of a sequence of haphazard road trips around far-flung corners of the United Arab Emirates in search of such places. 

I would usually travel by car on Fridays or public holidays when the working population and machinery rested. It was a fascinating experience, driving through the otherwise bustling industrial zones, highways and town centres without a soul around, photographing the man-altered landscapes as if they were stripped bare.

The pursuit of these places eventually led to an introspective journey of self-discovery. I found myself propelled through space from the land where I grew up (former Yugoslavia) to locations and times that evoked striking resemblances to something familiar – almost knowing places I haven’t even visited. It is the revisiting of this time-space juncture through photography, that brings me comfort and renewed inspiration.


Viktor's Bird, Umm Al Quwain, UAE, 2011

Tank Top, Ajman, UAE, 2012

High Maitenance, Ajman, UAE, 2011

Wonderland, Dubai, UAE, 2012

Trojan Dinosaurs, Dubai, UAE, 2012

Hello & Goodbye, Fujairah, UAE, 2006

Under Construction, Dubai, UAE, 2006

Les Parapluies de Fujairah, Fujairah, UAE, 2011

Tall, Grande, Super, Supreme, Umm Al Quwain, UAE, 2011

Rain Dance, Ajman, UAE, 2011

After the Storm, Ajman, UAE, 2011

The Drawings on the Wall, Ajman, UAE, 2011

Starscapes, Ajman, UAE, 2011

Jaws Roundabout, Fujairah, UAE, 2012

Across the Beach, Ajman, UAE, 2011

Bathers in the Storm, Ajman, UAE, 2011